We can work together with you and design a custom blend of essential oils. We blend one of two ways: therapeutically or aesthetically. Blending therapeutically, we acknowledge your desires and goals. Blending aesthetically, we acknowledge what you like and/or what pleases you as for aroma. Sometimes blending pleasing essential oils can deepen their therapeutic value. While on the other hand, sometimes blending aesthetically, can result in a therapeutic benefit. You have a choice. You can address any goal or just go by what you like. You could even throw caution to the wind, and blend that Patchouli with Bergamot. What?! Why not?! Yes! This is America! Reward yourself by designing your own blend with our help or give this consultation as a gift. Karma points!

To start the process, we can have a phone call, Skype, or FaceTime with you. Based on that initial conversation, we can create a game plan. We will mail out a few samples for you to try, and once we get the green light, we create a body oil, a body lotion, or a room spray that is custom made. You can replenish through us again and again. 

Consultation fees:
$30 for a half hour consultation*
$50 for a 1 oz body oil
$30 for 4 oz body lotion

We would love to work with you and make a blend that is unique and individualized. Don't be shy! Reach out, and let's start the conversation. 

CONTACT: to book an appointment.
* Please note this covers a half hour session. Every additional consultation thereafter will be an additional fee.